About Eric

Since Eric Gaulin was in kindergarden he has been fascinated with motorcycles. He found his love for bikes through his dad, Robert who once rode his motorcycle to Eric’s school for his sons show and tell. He and his father have shared a passion for riding and working on bikes ever since.photo

In college, Eric took the steps to become a safety certified motorcycle license holder. Attending Elon University, he was able to ride his bike in his free time, while balancing school with his job at a local Harley Davidson dealership. After graduating Elon, he began to work at the dealership on a full time basis, as opposed to his previous summer-seasonal employment.

For those who ride, they know there is more to the lifestyle than just that feeling of freedom on the open road. It is a brotherhood that others cannot understand. Those who ride motorcycles have a bond that runs deep and connects all who cross each others paths. Apart from this connection, Eric Gaulin’s passion consumes both machine and culture.

There is a beauty to the two wheeled vehicle that sets it apart from any other motorized category. Customization possibilities have been made well known from popular TV shows recently, and the ability to create something unique inspires Eric. He is not alone in his artful view of motorcycles. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum held “The Art of the Motorcycle” in 1998, showcasing 114 bikes in order of historical importance and excellence in design. The Guggenheim is a world famous art exhibit in New York City and its opening venue inspired three others across the world. In total, 2,000,000 people bought tickets to the exhibit across 5 years.

Eric enjoys testing his capabilities in the mechanical area of his passion. If given a manual, he can perform some feats of engineering. This knowledge also comes from years of him changing oil, bleeding brakes, and getting to know motorcycles inner workings.

Eric Gaulin has even gone as far as buying bikes, modifying them, and being able to sell them for a small profit. His maintenance ability continues to grow as he is exposed to more bikes and more customization possibilities.