The maker of Victory motorcycles and the company that is responsible for bringing back Indian motorcycles is making the first electric motorcycle by a major motorcycle brand. The Empulse TT is going to be sold under the Victory umbrella. It is a sport bike that can reach speeds of over 100 miles per hour.

Motorcycles have always had the advantage over cars when it comes to miles per gallon, so it makes sense the electric car was popularized first. But new company Zero Motorcycles that exclusively sells electric motorcycles has proven that there is a huge international market for electric motorcycles. The company saw record sales in 2014 and expanded into several different international markets.

On one charge the Empulse TT can ride for 140 miles. That means you can go from Springfield, Massachusetts to Manhattan on one charge. The bike was originally designed by Brammo Inc. Polaris acquired that company earlier this year in an effort to quickly enter the electric car market. This move allowed them to enter the growing electric motorcycle market before Harley Davidson, which is working on their electric bike named Project LiveWire.

After purchasing Brammo, the Victory engineering team made changes to Brammo’s flagship electric bike. Most of the changes were done on the body to improve the look and feel of the bike. The Brammo team remains working with Victory handling most of the technology. The bike will hit the shelves late 2015 at a retail price of $19,999.

In addition to it’s motorcycle lines, Polaris Industries makes snowmobiles and off-road vehicles and is looking to aggressively expand into more markets. Their purchase of Brammo was highly strategic. Battery technology is keeping up with Moore’s Law and in a few years they may apply the electric motor tech to their other vehicles. Many believe a bike will be able to make it from Massachusetts to Maryland on one charge.