If we could define automotive technological advancement from the past decade or so… it would be hard to squeeze it into one word. But the strides made in safety are here to stay. It’s almost like our vehicles are getting smarter by the day, ready to prevent accidents. And in the event we do get the metal twisted? Some systems, like OnStar, call for assistance. As far as this technology goes, motorcycles have always been the vehicles left in the dust. At least, until BMW got involved.

The German manufacturer has announced the development of Intelligent Emergency Call (IEC), an onboard system that will aid riders in the event of an accident. By using accelerator and lean angle sensors, the system can tell if you have been involved in a crash. A sudden stop while leaning hard to one side almost surely means an accident, and IEC will call for help. The call function is also delayed depending on the severity of the crash— if it detects a really bad accident in will call for help immediately and share the position of your vehicle. But if it’s a minor accident, the call will be delayed so you have time to cancel the automatic response.

Right now, IEC seems pretty exclusive to Europe. It launches in Germany early next year, and will be introduced to other European markets shortly afterwards. While there is no clear path to North America, competitors may develop similar systems to stay relevant on the tech front.