Whatever bike you ride, one of the greatest parts about owning a motorcycle is upgrading that motorcycle. Nowadays, there are some amazing upgrades and accessories thanks to new technology and passionate riders. These are some of those important upgrades for that bike in your garage.




Riding a bike requires some degree of concentration so looking at your cell phone while you bike isn’t advisable. You may want to turn off the navigation system while go on that adventure to somewhere you’ve never been, but it’ll be nice to have on your way back.


Motorcyclists have been some of the most innovative when it comes to adding music to the riding experience. However, these days there are plenty of options for listening to the greatest hits of Creedence. Bluetooth technology is great if you want to keep the music to yourself and speakers are great if you want the whole street to hear.

Heated Everything

Young bikers have it much easier that the pioneers of the early days. Today you don’t have to bear below zero temperatures with nothing but your clothes. Heated seats, heated handgrips or floorboards can be a crucial upgrade for your bike if you want to brave the winter in the northeast United States.

HD Video

Recording your rides has never been easier or less expensive. GoPro cameras record beautiful HD action shots which makes them perfect for the bike. Camera mounts are readily available so you can clip the camera on and off with ease.

Radar Detector

As long as radars have been around, there have been people trying to detect and jam them. As radar technology gets better so does radar detection. This game of cat-and-mouse can keep you from thousands of dollars of fines, which makes it well worth the small investment.