Top Motorcycle Maintenance Apps on Eric Gaulin's Motorcycle Maintenance Blog

Taking care of your vehicle is the number one way to make sure you get as many years out of it as you can. And with the increase of technological advancements like mobile apps, taking care of your vehicle just got a whole lot more convenient.  In this blog post, I include top rated (4-5 star ratings only) vehicle maintenance apps. The following services were discovered by tapping the Apple Store app on my iPhone and searching the keyword: “Motorcycle Maintenance Apps”. The following vary in price from free to $3.99/app. I hope you find these apps as helpful as I did! Enjoy!


Autosist on Eric Gaulin's Top Motorcycle Maintenance AppsAUTOsistSimplify your life and start keeping your automotive records organized electronically with ease. AUTOsist lets you store, track, and share maintenance receipts, gas & fuel economy logs, and other information you find important. Set reminders for anything you find important like your next oil change or to renew your insurance information. Top user benefits include

Prolonged life of your car, truck, motorcycle, or any of your vehicles by keeping detailed records of things like oil changes, tire rotations, brake jobs, and other maintenance tasks;

Improved resale value by ability to show future buyers a report of your maintenance and service history and then transferring them to the new owner with a simple click;

Quick Access to key information like when your last oil change was done or tires replaced by searching and sorting with ease;

Ability to Manage multiple vehicles and to keep all your records in one convenient place and access them across multiple devices.

To properly use all of the features that AUTOsist offers, you have to set up an account with the app. You can do this via email or Facebook. Once the account is set up, you can begin adding vehicles to your digital garage.



Autocare Download from APP STORE on Eric Gaulin's Motorcycle Maintenance BlogAutoCare manages your vehicle’s maintenance schedules and stores your fuel and service records. According to its website, this App is the ultimate tool for tracking gas mileage and vehicle maintenance. Whether you’re a hyper-miler, or just want a reminder to change the oil or check the break.  

AutoCare saves you money and keeps your vehicle operating at its peak, so you won’t have to worry about missing an oil change or tire rotation ever again. Enjoy fewer costly and unexpected repairs while having more peace of mind while you and your loved ones are on the road.

Top Features include: 

  • Ability to store all vehicles you own (cars, motorcycles, scooters, etc.);
  • Track gas mileage and vehicle maintenance; 
  • Online sync with iCloud;
  • Report: MPG, stats, gas price, gas expenses, service expenses;
  • Customizable service reminders;
  • Supports multiple vehicles;
  • International Units: MPG (US), MPG (Canada), MPG (UK), MPG (Imperial), L/100km, gal/100mi (US), gal/100mi (Imperial), km/L, km/gal (US), km/gal (Imperial, and mi/L


Gearhead by Joseph Bergen on Eric Gaulin's Top Motorcycles Apps on Motorcycle Maintenance blogGearhead. – Easy Vehicle Maintenance and Fuel Tracker by Joseph Bergen 

According to the creator’s website, Joseph Bergen conceived of Gearhead after being frustrated with the existing options for keeping track of maintenance and fuel records for his two vintage motorcycles. Gearhead’s powerful record keeping functionality is complemented by a simple and elegant interface which puts all your records right at your fingertips.

Top Features include:

  • Beautiful interface built from the ground up for iOS 8;
  • Ability to show off your vehicles in the app by adding a background photo from your camera roll;
  • Ability to track up to 3 vehicles completely independently;
  • Ability to track fuel-ups;
  • Ability to track periodic services (i.e. oil changes, valve adjustments);
  • Ability to add and customize your own services and service intervals by distance or time;
  • Ability to track repairs and mods (i.e. replaced mirrors, updated exhaust, etc.);
  • Default service and repair items that you can keep, edit, or delete;
  • Ability to keep notes on your services and repairs;
  • Optimized for ease of use at the gas station or in the garage; 
  • Easy to see and navigate forms;
  • See and track your fuel efficiency;
  • Get alerted to service items that need attention;
  • Data is automatically backed up along with your phone;
  • Ability to export your vehicle’s data into spreadsheet files.